SEO Optimization Services

Getting a lot of the traffic to your website is by no means difficult. It’s getting the right traffic to your website that can be challenging. Attracting the right traffic means potential customers and therefore it is important to understand the balance between keywords and the customers’ purchase price and to then choose methods that work for your business, budget, and conditions.

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SEO Thailand Strategy

Smart search engine optimization strategy

With the right web strategies, we strive to get your future customers to find you before you find them. By adjusting your SEO strategy to your customers’ purchase, we ensure that your content is exactly what your customers are looking for when they try to solve a problem or challenge. With the help of a good converting site, you then have increased chances of converting these to leads.

SEO Thailand Optimization

We focus on measurement values that matter most

Although getting visitors to your website is the obvious goal, it’s actually how many customers you get that really counts. In our work, we continuously measure how many visitors stay on the website and turn into leads and how many of them become customers. As a result, we know exactly what your digital presence and search engine optimization offers. These insights are valuable in the next budgeting and marketing plan.

Attract the Right People with Great Content

It is important to keep in mind that it’s your target audience that you want to attract to your website and therefore the content that you provide is crucial. Great content attracts people and keeps them browsing through your pages, which in turn, promotes search engine success and a higher ranking on Google. Generally, people are searching or browsing the Internet because they have a problem they want to solve. Your website should provide that solution.

SEO keywords are important as these are what searchers are typing into the Google search bar. Using the right keywords in order to meet your potential customers early on in the queue means a probable sale or solution found. An example of the right keywords or being ahead of the game is this: You are an optician and you have a website providing content about vision screening and extensive eye care. You might think that keywords such as ‘glasses’ and ‘optician’ are a good fit for your website. However, in order to meet potential customers early on during the stages of purchase, using keywords like ‘headache’ and ‘blurry vision’ might prove more beneficial than words that other competitors are using. This is how we build trust and relationships with potential customers, guiding them in the right direction.

Keywords are Key

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps increase traffic to your website with the ultimate goal of gaining more leads or increased sales. Up to 80% of people use a search engine to find information, therefore SEO is a very important component of your digital marketing mix because it helps you appear higher in search results.

However, SEO is not what it used to be. It’s no longer just adding words to the website and hoping for a higher ranking in Google. Today, the search engines are smarter and use hundreds of different calculations to determine which page of a particular topic should be at the top. This is why it is so important to carefully consider which keywords your customers really make use of when searching for online help.

Keyword Analysis

We use SEO to improve the visibility of your web pages on Google, with keywords that are used throughout the content and metadata. We are always looking for gaps and opportunities that your competitors are unaware of.

SEO Conversion

Conversion can be forms or registrations on a website. Through smart analysis and optimization, we make sure that your visitors will more likely choose to convert.

Reducing Bounce Rate

We help lower the percentage of visitors who navigate away from your page after just one click by guiding them in the direction of the conversion and purchase process.

SEO Content

We create strategic and well-thought-out content for your online business where we focus on visibility, keywords, relevance, dissemination in social media, and other important elements.


Important Factors to Consider

A well-designed, high-quality website is, of course, an important factor when it comes to search engines like Google. In addition, your website should benefit your visitors and be easy to read, which in turn adds to longer page visits and to a higher ranking on Google, as it deems your page as popular, informative, and authoritative.

Other important ranking factors include:

  • A fast-loading website
  • An efficiently coded website that works for both mobile and computer users
  • Correct information such as titles, headings, and descriptions
  • Quality images that reinforce the content
  • Linked pages
  • Pages that do not contain any technical errors such as broken pictures, links, and features.